Facebook Advert Data

Hi, I’ve published my first Facebook advert as instructed in the week 2 videos. The ad was approved but it is now day 4 and I have only reached 41 people with 44 impressions. I set the lifetime budget to £100 as John suggested in the tutorial video. I have also only spent £0.94p

Can someone please explain why this is spending so slowly? or is this normal? Why has the ad only been shown to 44 people?

Thanks in advance

Hi Check your audience including countries showing in. Did you do the look a like audience from the custom? Consider posting a screen shot of you audience info. Cheers Nigel

Hi Nigel, thanks for the reply. I’ve uploaded a screenshot of my audience. I created a lookalike audience and selected the countries as suggested in the training videos and my ad is still not delivering?

I’m quite new so still learning and don’t really understand why this is happening? Would it help if I changed my campaign objective from conversions to something else? Or maybe change the lifetime budget £100 for one week to smaller daily budgets?

Thanks again for the help


When I’ve had that potential reach my delivery was greater. The cost per click of what you are getting suggests mobile traffic. So next I’d check what devices you show on (John recommenced desktop only) plus I’d check placement is in newsfeed only. I’ll post a screenshot of what I was getting. Nigel

Thanks Nigel. I’ve duplicated the ad and edited a few minor things fingers crossed it will work if not I’ll just keep working at it and tweaking it.

Thanks again