Facebook Ad Setup2 Ad Creation

This setup went fairly smoothly.


Awesome! Glad you got it set up.

i noticed john said that you need $250 to start with FB ads, however it seems that the rate is charged linearly according to how many people you reach and your daily budget, rather than a fixed amount. i want to make sure im not missing anything before spending money, also what is the prime time to run ads during the day?


You can set your ads to be CPC (per click) or a daily budget.

It’s recommended to do $20 for 5 days to maximise the lifetime of your ad :slight_smile:

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Hello Sabrina,
On John’s video, "Fb ad setup 2 creation " under system setup John had mention in the video almost at the end of it to share our links to friends in social media…while waiting for approval from Fb…

  1. which link is it he’s talking about? And also i didn’t get any notification from Fb that they’re in the approval process of my ad…? if there should be any
  2. How would I know if my ad is approved and it’s already running… I apologized for a long message here, so many questions. Thank you so much


When logged in you will see the following:

To activate the widget you will enter your Clickbank ID. Do not enter your Affiliate LINK.

If you see references to your ClickBank ID (as seen in the above screenshot), CBID, Affiliate ID, or Vendor ID, these terms refer to your account nickname.

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I have setup my FB ad but when I get to the end it says

Page Unpublished: This ad cannot be delivered because the Page it targets has not been published.

Any ideas why this might be

Hi Sabrina Facebook didn’t approved my add , they send me an email like 15 minutes after i finished the process.

Sent you an email @anahi24

at the bottom of the preview it says that my page isnt reaching people. ANyway i can get rid of this section from showing up on my ad?

This is only viewable to you and does not show up in your ad.

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can I use a different video instead of that one?

You can use any video

Hi Sabrina,

After setting up the John’s AD and getting it approved and life, can we start advertising more products of our choice on Facebook ?

Hi @Alalya

Yes, you can advertise other products using the same techniques John teaches for SAS.

Sabrina I am looking for tips of changes to make to my FB ad. What suggestions do you have? I changed the wording as they asked by adding “affiliate” to what kind of online income it is, to make it more clear. Per their request. The second time they said the same thing about the video. So I am going to try a different video and hope I don’t get banned? Haha.