Facebook ad setup problem

Hi everyone,
Gene from Ga. here.
After much headache and heartache I finally got my facebook ad approved.
In case anyone runs in to the same problem I had which was in the Identify block,
It would not respond at all, so I could not enter anything. What I finally discovered the problem was
that I did not have a facebook page set up. Once I went back to facebook and set up a personal page
every thing went very smooth.hope this helps someone in the future.
Gene Mathews

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Hi Gene,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sure it will help people out.

I am really trying to make this work. Today i set up my 1st YT ad, waiting for its approval. Then i set up my 4th or 5th FB ad and yet again, it got disapproved. I got tagged with “multilevel marketing” but i appealed it and waiting on manual review. I just don’t get it, used the CF’s bridge page you provided with all the disclosures, and created an add that was similar to the others in FB Ad Swipes. So why can’t i get approved? Would love some feedback, can send you links for review. I’m in a tight spot and really need some extra income to start rolling in. Any advise would be much appreciated.

Hi! If you can start a relevant topic in this forum (https://forum.imjetset.com/c/facebook-issues-topics), and include your presell page links, your ad swipes / pics you use & the disapproval message from Facebook, I can try and troubleshoot this for you :slight_smile: