Facebook Ad Per Click Cost Running $6.50

I was setup Bluhost, Clickfunnels, got a domain, and placed my 1st FB ad. The videos from Week 1 were on point and walked me through every step.

My question is that I have gotten 2 clicks from approved FB ad. I am being charged $6.50 per click. Please advise how I can log into my FB ad manager and reduce that cost.


I did a google search … under reduce facebook ad cost … and found this relevant and made this change in my add … I changed “When you get charged” from Impression to Link Click … and set max bid to $2.00 … I’ll see what happens to my add over the next 24 hours.


Hey Bro @ListLev you can login to Fb Ad Manager below link

you have to reduce your bid accordingly to your competition where you ad is serving.

Cheers & Thanks

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Let us know what happens!


I have 1 campaign with two adsets sharing a lifetime budget of $100; one using a buyer’'s list and another using a fresh audience. One ad used a video and took over 24 hours to get approved… during which time I added a second ad with a still image instead… which also got approved over 24 hours later. Here are the costs so far…

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set your own budget and put a cap on it …I have posted ads on FB and it got expensive and I learned quickly to do a budget with them they got me for 1700 in two weeks

Sorry to hear Deborah. Wow $1700 Ad spent. And sales?
Did you do the retageting to buyers list and still paid that much?
Thanks for sharing your experience. I aas considering FB Ads. Need to reconsider this then.