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Facebook Account got restricted

Dear community,

I know we have handled this topic already in the course and I know that this randomly happens, but I actually do not know what next steps to take.

I advertised Sqribble as my first product in Facebook. The ad was running for 5 days and suddenly, I got restricted.

I already reached out to the FB support two weeks ago but did not receive any feedback.

I am of course a bit frustrated as I do not see major policy violation.

Is there anyone who had the same issue and has a good idea what to do?

Thank you everyone!

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Hi @barbara.scheuenpflug, I understand the frustration, however, at this point, all we need to do is wait for Facebook to respond to your appeal. You can also try to create a new Facebook ad account while waiting. I have responded to your email regarding this, if you can check on it.

Hi Lizette, I too got my account restricted, reached out to Business Support who got me to fill out a form. My Personal ad account was disabled. I had created a Business Ad Account before this happened, however I cannot use this because of the status of my personal ad account. How do I create a new ad account thanks?

Cheers Keri

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Hi @kiwiaroha, you can try to create a new Facebook ad account using a VPN such as this one for Chrome, that allows you to mask/change your IP address, and use different details (Different payment method, different address, different phone and preferably a name of a family member or a friend) to start a new Facebook Ad account and then follow policies more closely.