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Evaluate the book

What is GOOD? What could be BETTER?
–> evaluate the book and share your ideas of what could be improved!

I’m new and I’m not sure how to operate this Community Board. Looks very interesting and a helpful page. I like the book and have read the whole book. I couldn’t answer many of the questions because I am totally new to all this. but I need to get my website set up and get started as soon as possible. I am from Hilliard, Florida. I am totally new to this, I need help to set up a website, never did one before. I just joined SAS approximately 2 weeks ago. Kind of feel lost on what I need to do. I’m not real computer literate, but more than eager to learn. I believe I will learn much from this SAS program. My name is Anna Kalina… I would also like to build a blog, but I have never did that before either. This is going to be one awesome adventure.

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