End of Week 1 Questions and Action Checklist

I finished week one. I thought there’d be some form of action checklist at the end of the module or maybe mentioned in the video but didn’t see one or hear one mentioned. If not, that might be helpful.

I’m reviewing my notes to see what steps we’re to take:

Choose niche
Choose category
Open Clickbank account
Open Udimi account
Choose product(s)
What else?

Since we haven’t gotten to the website part, which is module 2, are we also supposed to go ahead and try a product on one or more of the networks without having a website up while we wait for module 2 to open up?

I may have this wrong but it sounded like you needed your website if you wanted to be able to collect names to build a list. Is that correct? Or can you build a list without a website by using the landing page provided by Clickbank?

Thanks, Vikk


Hi Vikk,

We’ve actually recently shuffled the course a bit and move the Solo Ads to the first week, to have more actionable content for you and to give you a glimpse into affiliate marketing right from the start.

Generally, I’d advice to wait a little longer before using Solo Ads, to have your website up (module 2). Also, I’d advice starting with other advertising methods such as Google Ads, YouTube Ads and Facebook, before moving to Solo Ads.

I’ve recently hosted a bonus webinar about best ways to choose a CB product, you might want to check out the replay


Thank you, @IlyaG, for the advice to watch the replay on researching CB products. I found it very helpful and am feeling more comfortable with my ability to select programs based on the help from the tools you suggested. (Watching the video was my main SAS action for yesterday.) I’m going to practice selecting products later today and build a mini-list for potential ads.

I enjoyed the video and appreciate that you took the time during your holiday off time to provide the training. Plan to watch the one from December later today.


Hi vikk, this was such a great question to ask, I am also in that problem trying to figure out what I am suppose to do or what I should have done already while im waiting for week 2 to open.
so from this post my understanding is week 1 you did not do any solo adds?

Again great question thank you for this!



Hi @jessicacjones17, No, I did not do any ads during week 1. I spent time going through the forum and that convinced me to wait until week 2.


Hey folks - I too have been chomping at the bit for week two but figuring it is more of a time lock than I haven’t completed all the actions I have done a couple of things: 1. listened to all the replays of @IlyaG weekly webinars and gotten so much great information - researching/reading. 2. listening to the “your wish is your command” cds…. again getting me into the right mind set.

My advice is “baby steps”: did 2 email campaigns - first was a bust the second I got my first sale!!! No where near to making my money back yet but got me a little pumped up today. Can’t thank @IlyaG enough for the tidbits I got!!!

What am I doing now : researching what products I want to promote when I get accepted into week 2 as it seems you may need to have a few ready when starting up…

Stay positive and it will come.


Hi Allan, I’m so happy to hear that you’re benefiting from our webinars and am THRILLED to learn about your first Sale, WELL DONE!

great! did it start to make more since week 2? and did you have any success?