NEVER EVER QUIT! WORK SMARTER - NOT HARDER!! Those are my mantras. Now I add GROW THE GREEN - STOP THE RED!! I do love that one!

At the end of week 1 - it’s been a crazy week - like a roller coaster ride! As I read through the forum & I feel your pain, confusion, frustration and all the other feelings that come with learning something new. It sucks! But quitting is not an option for me and probably not for most of you. I’ve spent hours on youtube searching, listening & learning - trying to figure out what week 1 leaves out - what is click funnels, what is a sales funnel, what is an ad word, what is the best way to drive traffic, where do you drive traffic, how do you find traffic, what is this, where is that, how how how…

I’ve searched for years & years & spent thousands & thousands of dollars on making money on the internet - ecommerce, dropshipping, ebay, shopify, & even affiliate marketing. Some of you probably have too.

It’s frustrating when something doesn’t work like a video, or what you see is different than what a video shows. Deep Breath. Don’t waste your energy on the negative. Take a break, do whatever you need to do to keep your self positive. I know it’s not easy. It’s hard for me too. Just tell yourself, “I will get through this, I will figure this out!”

I just want to encourage everyone out there that this is doable. There is help. Keep chipping away at the iceberg with your icepick. Focus on each days goals. Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture. Stay focused. Stay determined. Stay positive.

My best to all of you.
Jolea Matzke


Hi there Jolea, thank you for the inspiring and motivation post! Stay focused, Stay determined, Stay positive --> that’s the best advice one can get :slight_smile: It’s all a process and at the end the seed becomes a blooming tree :smiley:


Fantastic energy @relentlessynergy!

As John says, it’s all in the mindset. Don’t be afraid to dream big :wink:

From my fave movie - Inception


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