Ed from New Jersey

Hi, I am Ed from New Jersey. I am very excited to be here!

Before joining SAS, I’ve seen a lot of John’s You Tube
videos. He sure makes it look smooth and doable.

I am having some problems navigating the SAS. I am trying
not to get overwhelmed, there must be a million links
to click on.


Yes, I am having some issues my self.

Hi there, @echalmus! I’m sorry to know that you are feeling overwhelmed.

But we definitely understand.

On each module, you should find a downloadable syllabus.

The syllabus should help you know your objective and provide you a roadmap that you can follow.

Also, the links that you just need to click to follow along are the ones from the mentioned links on the SHOW ME HOW VIDEOS.

However, you may also check other links and resources outside of the mentioned links whenever needed.

Make sure to visit our knowledgebase, we have lots of helpful articles and info there.

And register for our weekly webinars if you haven’t yet. Every week we have a live Q&A session where you can ask questions, as well as a special training session where we’d be going over a chosen subject. . Here you can find the outline and replays of the latest sessions.

We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business.

Dear Ed @echalmus, it’s my pleasure to officially welcome you on behalf of John and the SAS staff.
Please be assured, that we are all here to support you, because your success is our satisfaction!
So I truly hope you were able to get more comfortable with the course environment…everything might seem a bit overwhelming at first - but please trust me, you will soon realise how all the pieces come together! So work patiently, progress with the course, repeat the modules and consolidate your knowledge!
Best of luck and enjoy this beautiful challenge! :money_with_wings: