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Earning money in my sleep – NEVER GIVE UP

Earning money in my sleep – NEVER GIVE UP

I joined SAS in January not having a clue about affiliate marketing. I soon realised that there was a lot to learn. I am a pensioner but was a software engineer and now I am retired, I have to work as a translator and teacher because my pension is small. COVID-19 took away a lot of my income, so I needed another source of income. I started to learn from John and also Ilya and I then tried some solo ads without success and then Google ads and YouTube ads but all without success and spent a lot of money. It was frustrating but I was determined to find out how to make it work. The first secret is to find the right product and in August Ilya created a presell page for Speechelo and I started a Google campaign It didn’t work immediately but soon I had 2 sales and I was excited with about it. Then, I got more sales but it seemed to dry up but I made some changes to the presell page and added some more keywords and suddenly I was getting lots of sales. Recently, I woke up one morning to find that I had $300 of sales in my Clickbank account. The campaign is still doing well and has an ROI over 2 and I have now had 1500 euros profit in less than 2 months of running it. I found out that Affiliate marketing is even mentioned in the Bible, Psalm 127,2 It is useless to work so hard for a living, getting up early and going to bed late. For the LORD provides for those he loves, WHILE THEY ARE ASLEEP.

So, not giving up paid off. My next step is to find new products which also sell well.


This inspired me to not give up.


Well done to you sir.

I am also in a similar situation. I also started to learn about affiliate marketing at the beggining of this year.

Because of COVID I lost my job and started to look online to find something that would earn me money.

I am not even looking for the “laptop Lifestyle” driving Lambos etc.

I just want to be able to earn enough so I can pay the bills and invest the rest.

I am thinking to promote carbofix on Google ads.

But afraid to loose money as I dont have much of a budget left.

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