Do we have to use "Test" for the presell page folder?

Hi, can we call the presell page somthing other than “test”? I thought it might seem a bit more convincing to buyers if they see the url with somthing else. Or doesn’t it matter?

You should actually call it something other than test…I think John just used “test” for the purpose of the tutorial… I have called mine sas,

You can upload the files to the public_html folder if you wish the SAS webinar to be seen as your home page

e.g. I uploaded mine to the public folder and it is viewable at

Thanks Fitzroy and Sabrina, I thought it best to change it.

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Same question. My website with the /test/ works just fine, but don’t want /test/ as a part of my address. To upload to the public folder, how does that work–under which file should I put it? Should I create a blank file? Is it possible to move the download from /test/ to the public folder without creating a folder, or shall I just scatter those bits throughout what’s already there? Is there a tutorial somewhere which will show how this all works? I know–just use the clickbanks–but I want to understand this stuff.

If you upload to public_html it is viewable on your home page.

I uploaded to my public folder and it is on (my page).

If you want me to log in to your host and move the files for you, just send me your log in details in a PM or email to [email protected] :slight_smile:

You can simply drag the files from the test folder to the public folder (delete the empty test folder afterwards), or if you want it to be a regular page on your site, not the home page, create the folder in your file manager e.g. a folder named test will be seen at

Hope that makes sense.

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