Do I need to purchase SSL certificates with coolhandle?

I just started my week 3 training and posted an ad on google ads yesterday.
this morning, I found that my ad was disapproved by google due to Destination not working.

This is the page i set up …(, and I didn’t see any problem to view the page. but for some reason, the Google Ad still shows Ad Disapproved …

After a 4-hours searching for the problem, I found out Google is asking for website security which lead to SSL Certificate.

I need to have https:// instead of just http:// …

Dose anyone have this issue before and how to solve it ?
Is it necessary to purchase it with coolhandle?

They are offering SSL Certificates for $74.95/ yr. , but I want to know all my options before I pay!

SSL is definitely recommended! :slight_smile:

It’s odd that CH don’t provide these certificates, Bluehost does along with a free domain. It’s also $9 cheaper than CH :wink:

If you wish, you can refund from CH and switch to Bluehost. It’s much easier and has WP built in, no need to install.

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Thank you, Sabrina!
I will take you advise and switch to blue host!

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