Denied Solo Ads From Igor!

He didn’t like the default ad that is for the SAS. I submitted this.

and got this

Looking at the offer link you shared in
your application, I would like to let you
know that we currently only deliver traffic
to promotions in the “Make Money Online”,
“Internet Marketing”, and “MLM”
(Biz Opps) niches.

The offer you want to promote with us
simply won’t be a good fit.

Do you have any other offer in your
marketing portfolio you would like to

I had just gone to the Clickbank offer for JC and made a custom link to the default offer. What did I do wrong?



Update: Dennis said that I need to send people to the webinar page. Which I’m confused because the link I submitted is the default link of the page from clickfunnels which leads straight to the webinar sign up page.

Your thoughts?

Hi Dustin, your hoplink seems legit, I am not sure what the issue is. Could you reply that this IS the link directing to the webinar sign up page and this IS in the MMO niche, and you’d like a clarification of the issue?

Perhaps they’d rather work with your website (presell page) which you will be building during week 2 of the course.

Yes that IS the link directing to the webinar sign up page. And Igor says his niche is the MMO niche. What now?

@sladeonlinesolutions, I was wondering if there’s been any resolution to this problem? I was considering promoting SAS as my first product and trying Igor but now I’m not so sure. I read where most folks felt that using Udimi and the affiliate networks were good for list building but not so hot on high ticket items.

Is SAS still not being accepted?

Also, for anyone, what is the difference between BIZOPP and MMO? Aren’t they both dealing with earning money online?

Thanks, Vikk

Hello Vikk, yes these two niches are essentially the same :slight_smile:
Actually lately we have had not so good experience with Igor and his Solo Ads, and that is why we’ve also removed him from our resources lately. He has been under-delivering and we’d like to maintain the highest level of service in terms of our partners.

I am now in negotiations with some other GREAT solo ad providers, arranging a discount for SAS students, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thank you, @IlyaG. That is good to know. I think I may start off more conservative to start until I have a better understanding. Maybe choose a product and trial a couple of Udimi providers to compare. Something like that.

What I’m confused about is how the networks like Udimi help with list building. Are we able to add our email lists like aWeber to the set up so we build a list? And maybe we’ll get lucky with sales? Or do we just run an ad on a product with no list potential and hope to have sales only?

Hi Vikk, I also like to know how Udimi help with list building and I did buy solo ad from Udimi 4 times and 100 clicks each but haven’t got any sale yet. I do have Aweber account and would like to how to integrate SAS funnel to Aweber so I can build email list.

When you get answer please let me know.

Thanks and good luck