Dee Frost from NZ - hello all :)

So finally made it into SAS. Been looking at this for way over a year now, among other things to help me pivot to a new way of income generation. JC’s new intro training video made the difference for me and I also was watching a few of his yt videos and signed up into MT.

I’m in my late 50’s, expat Austrian living in the North of New Zealand. My previous carreers were in agriculture, then architectural model making, then Film set building & props making, signwriting and publishing. … Although I’m a slow reader, I’ve been a fan of great copywriting for ages and love the Internet and all the potential and connectivity it offers. I’m on the computer a lot these days …

I want to achieve a level of solid affiliate marketing confidence guided by the kind of results that some people are able to show off. I’d really like to learn what’s possible when Internet leverage is applied to income generation. I’m feeling quite uncomfortable right now, but that can only be a good thing in this context :slight_smile:

Over the years I’ve spent many thousands on shiny objects online, but it’s now time to get serious. I love creating ads and graphics, write headlines and copy. Looking forward to learning to track and optimize affiliate amrketing operations so I ‘hope’ that SAS will be a good match for me and teach me how to create tangible marketing campaigns that yield automatic income, plus will allow me to put finances into projects that make a difference for people in my community (nothing 100% concrete on this yet but when the cup runneth over one is able to share the goodness.)

I’m looking forward to going through the course, applying the principles and eventually profitcycle my income to an “uncomfortable” level. This I find exciting!

The dream lifestyle is to slooowly travel the country in an RV and run the biz from a laptop, do trecks in the forests and up mountains. Committed to achieve this by Oct 31 2022 - wish me luck!

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Oh, and I love the idea that affiliate marketing can be instantly cashflow positive… I want to learn how to do this!

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You’ve had a variety of roles in your career. Very cool.

Good luck with the affiliate system journey! I’m just starting too.

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Welcome to the SAS family, @Dee! We’re glad to have you here.

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Hey Lizette, thanks :slight_smile: glad to be here!

Thanks Timothy, time for some new skills for me :wink: Wishing you all the very best for your journey too!