Dear Journal...Join me on my way to $5,000 a day

Dear Journal,

Im taking John’s advice and documenting my journey within the group. It has taken me some months to finally lay it all out, the good and the bad, but here goes.
Firstly, thanks to all for your contributions in other threads. I look forward to your comments and queries.

I started SAS beginning of Feb 20, and am part of the Inner Circle program. My first goal is to reach $5,000 per day in revenue. Im currently up to Week 4, so here is the recap till then. I have completed all the tasks as per the course outline to date.

Solo Ads- didn’t like these as no visibility to audience. No sales but I can only assume it is a trial and error finding the right seller.

Facebook Ads- This was an instant disaster as not only were the ads not approved but the entire account was shut down. I am fortunate as I have a few different accounts under different companies and pages for physical products I already sell via Amazon and my own Click Funnel.

Lesson- when you open your FB page, immediately open more than one account, that way when one gets suspended, you have another to start again. The problem will be when all of your accounts are suspended, you may then have to either create an entirely new page and ad accounts or use someone else’s- beware if you abuse theirs though…
I am in the process of appealing using John’s legal letter, no response to date. Will advise.

My next ‘genius idea’ was to partner with a Facebook Ad agency. I was already successfully dealing with this ad agency for my physical products. I offered a deal where I give him 25% of the gross sales. He covers his service fee from his cut and I cover all the ad spend from my 75%. Therefore, he gets 25% with no risk except for his and the staff time and I don’t pay a base service fee. I hope that at the end of the day we can both take 25% each and the other 50% allow of ads.
The ad agency writes all the ads and worries about the audience and retargeting etc etc. Yes pixel is a problem but as we grow and start making sales, I will approach the vendors with evidence that we are serious and request they add our pixel. This will then enhance our effort, spend and results.
We started on the SAS course but was suspended on my own account (this is the one being appealed). We then went to the agencies FB account and trying Ted’s Woodworking.
We’ve created a FB page in the niche and started with a simple Likes campaign (no links). The idea is to build trust with FB and the audience. This has been running for about 2 weeks and we now have just over 2000 followers. We will now start posting some links as suggested by vendor, such as the FB legal bridge landing page and see what happens.

Google Ads- I posted ads as per the course guide. Unfortunately this did not work either and after a few days was suspended and told never to come back or even bother appealing.
Rather than stuffing around and giving me the stress, II have engaged lawyer of my own who deals In reinstatement of accounts. Cost- US$1000. When I get reinstated, I will not be posting any direct links or even close. Im not sure what Ive done wrong or I missed something in the course. I know John talks about suspended accounts but Im assuming easier for John as it is his own course he’s promoting.

YouTube- same deal- suspended. The lawyer will get reinstatement on this account for another $500.

So, this brings me to current events and despite the suspensions, I’m still optimistic. I do enjoy the challenge and know this is why not everyone is just posting links everywhere on paid traffic…

I have a Click Funnel account that I already sell a medical device. This has garnered nearly 10,000 emails from opt-ins. I searched various affiliate platforms to find products that will benefit my database of potential customers and found an air filter for the home or office. I have gained approval for the affiliate program and have emails ready to deploy this week.
Second to this, Im going to purchase the air filter and run a competition by social ads and opt-in for emails. Then I can target the emails with a follow up promo of the filter to the non-winners plus promote my existing device.

The Click Funnel was built by a guy in the UK, he is amazing and has just launched new software platform that will rival Click Funnel. This new software can cater for a funnel, website, text messages, emails, webinars etc all from the one platform/dashboard. If you have your own site or funnel you know exactly how impressive that is- no more API’s and plug-ins and upwards of $1000 per month for all of it. This new software will have everything in one.
I will use the new software platform (I can’t remember the name of it) to build out a BizOp focused website and database to garner all my own customers which I can then promote to. I will promote the SAS program plus have the options for other offers in BizOp. Probably use the same competition strategy to build a database.

Lesson- perhaps you already have an email list where you can find similar products of interest to promote offers. Eg if you own a pet store, you could promote pet affiliate offers or even the air filter offer to the owners.
Or, reach out to companies that already have a database that you can tap into. Split the commission with them or work out some sort of deal. Eg. Approach a pet store owner with a deal to use their customer email list with your affiliate offer.
These guys won’t even know about affiliate deals but the chance to make money for nothing, considering they don’t have to buy stock, manage customers, will be irresistible.
You can even automatically split the commission in ClickBank> account settings> my contracts.

This is all in the effort to avoid FB or google if possible and make your own ads/ promo content. Im will use them to build email lists but FB and google control too much, it’s a love, hate relationship. Get traffic from them, then market to the the traffic. I think this will be the trick. Stay tuned…



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