Day 1 | I'm Hungry - Feed me! | Rick from Los Gatos, CA

Hope everyone has had an amazing day thus far. As a total noob, I’m just trying to soak up as much as possible on Day 1 (signed up about 3 hr ago) and work my way through the “Welcome” Module today, as well as Week 1. That said…

I am treating this as a FT career, putting in 45-50 hr weeks as I always have in my previous life as a InfoSec Sales Sales Engineer & AE. After 4 yr at a major tech co., and use to making 6-figures w/ a crooked number in front, our group was dissolved in July, and, while I’ve used this time tending to things that I’ve had on the back-burner, it is time to “get back in the game” and, honestly, nothing excites me as much as this particular opportunity. Yea, I could have a job at another big shop in no-time, but I want to go All-In w/ John & Co, for whom I have much respect, and hopefully learn as much as my brain can handle every single day from you guys.

Like w/ everything I’ve pursued, just gimme the tools & training and I’ll take care of the legwork!

If there are revene generating activities that I can put in to action, Like right now, in tandem w/ watching these vids, I’m all ears!

Thanks a bunch, guys. Looking forward to learning from the best and kicking a$$ in this new venture more than words can describe!



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Hi Rick, congrats on making the decision. Don’t forget to do the work, and with your attitude - I’m sure you’ll reach the stars one day!

Hi Rick~
Nice to meet you! Looks like you’re fired up and ready to go!:slight_smile: Just make sure to keep that fire going :slight_smile:
Have an amazing day~

Hi Rick,
Sounds like you are ready to take a BIG bite.