Creating landing page

Im having troubles building my landing page through WordPress. do I need one page per item ? What do I designed it based off? If the link we are sharing will directly sending them to the product whats our landing page for?

Hi @leonmoreno121800. Are you referring to your affiliate link - when you said ‘the link we are sharing’?

Basically, to promote any kind of affiliate offer on any advertising network (Google ads, Facebook Ads, Bing…), you cannot use the direct hoplink / affiliate link / redirecting link, these kinds of promotions are always rejected. You’d need to have a website/presell/landing page of your own that complies with the network’s policy in order to promote the offer.

And yes, you’ll need different pages for different products.

This link will direct you the updated manual method presell page set up on our knowledge base. I hope this helps.

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