Creating landing page adzilla question

I created a landing page in Adzilla. I was thinking this site would be similar to clickfunnels in that i could take the landing page I created and use it for my solo ad. Can I transfer the landing page somewhere so I can upload it to Udimi? Or is that landing page my new web page. Which brings up another issue: When I try to log in i get errors for my adzilla page and cant login

Hi Seattleplace 18 did you resolve your Adzilla issue?
I am getting a similar problem with Adzilla. I want to get my first solo ads up and running ,setting it all up on Adzilla but the SAS Pro Presell page with the hoplink embedded in the action button does not connect to the sales page, it says the agent is not registered.
I have asked support to look into it for me. When I get an answer I will share it here

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I bookmarked the AdZillia login page, but there are issues when I try returning to it to login. What does work, faithfully, is the admin link in the email they sent.

Hope this helps.

Hi again,

I have placed one solo ad so far through Udimi. I used the email swipe provided on the affiliate page from the vendor. On the places indicated, I linked/embedded my landing page in the email. The affiliate hoplink should already be embedded on your landing page. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I managed to get a new presell page loaded up in Adzilla and placed my solo ad with Udimi