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Created my First Website

Created my first website with a niche of make money online

Need suggestions of any improvements / reviews of the same


Hi there, @superakh. Sent my review and reply to your email. :grinning:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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@lizette.sandico why not post the reply here so the “community” can share in the information?
Isnt that the sole purpose of the “community”?


Hi @eastcobbpt, yes, I can actually post the review here.

Initially, a call to action button on his page was not working but I do see that he already corrected it and advise to check and test all call to action buttons making sure it leads and opens to the correct working page.

But over all the page he made was great.

Hey there, I like the page. It looks great. I am curious though, why not put more Call To Action Buttons on the page? Like before the Checks and money section, you could say, “Want More Info?”
After the Checks, Money section, or even before the Reviews, Button -“I’m Ready To See More!”
You did a good job. It really does look nice.

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Way to go and give samples to other newbies like myself!:wink:

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i have made a new LMS website and now you can access it on

this focuses on John and his course (technically his youtube videos designed as a free course)

ive added hoplink redirects to his original SAS course everywhere

john had mentioned in one of his youtube videos,
that we can re-sell his youtube videos for profit on udemy and other sites
but it was tough to get my payment account on payoneer activated with udemy

hence i made a website which has a look and feel of a Learning Management System & acts as a funnel to redirect to SAS course

i have also added a few business ideas dropdown with my affiliate link which gives users ideas for business

The Issues i am facing is - Marketing any of the affiliate sites or even my website which has affiliate links embedded inside

The A.I of google and facebook rejects such links easily these days

i tried google Ads and got banned
i tried facebook ads and got banned

now will try native ads like taboola and outbrain

it has been more than a month but i haven’t made a dime of profit
I cannot afford the 1to1 coaching its too costly

affiliate marketing seems easy
but the hard part is getting sales
even after advertising and listing to each of johns videos again and again

you feel a bit lost & disappointed at times after all that money spent & hard work done on designing and developing promotions ,etc !

well i don’t wish to sound pessimistic

lets stay positive & hope for the best ! :slight_smile:

God Bless You all

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Hey well done on building such a great looking pre sell page. It really does look the BIZ.

Did you build it using WordPress? It looks really professional.

I’m surprised you have not got any sales yet.

Maybe you should try to sell some low ticket offers from Clickbank first?

All the best.

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I tried alot of offers with Clickbank, I have tons of clickers in the tracker that I use, but no purchases. It kinda bums me out, but I’ll keep plugging eventually it will pay off. I have had a few sales, but they have never been over the $50 limit I guess. I sold a Sqribble which thrilled me beyond words. Clickbank has not paid for that one yet… LOL Oh well. I love SAS and will continue to work at it.
I do wish there was a way that we could see who clicked and get them to my autoresponder to send them more offers. I have lots of clicks, so I know it wasn’t the same person…LOL Love it.