Created 2 different landing pages, which do you like better for SAS promotion

Hi I made 2 different landing pages and would like to know if 1 I’m doing this right and 2 which one you like better?

Thanks in Advance!


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Good work on the pages, I am partial to the setup/design of the first one although your calls to action need improvement. Personally I like seeing the email opt in above the fold with a clear call to action. You have a call to action on the second page for the email although the design is a bit disjointed.

If you could get a bit more text and a clear call to action for email signups on the first page with the video I think it would be a winner. Your text headline comes out very large on my laptop as well. If all the user sees is a big blob of text and a little bit of a video they are unlikely to do anything.

Id suggest some text that looks professional, honest etc. Like one testimonial beside a smaller version of that video.


That is billiant! 2.

I can only see the Mailchimp one. The clickfunnels one only takes me to clickfunnels.