COULD you please SOLO ADS more in detail?

Could you please explain what’s the objective of using SOLO ads, How are they used, how do link them to our landing page (webpage) and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared with facebook, google, youtube, etc.???
what are these people on solo ads do for our money that we pay???

Also, how do we go back to the teaching you did in the past which now is gone to be able to fix facebook ads that I don’t want to run anymore??? I made a mistake on my page’s name and could not fix the page’s name; therefore I created a new page, but I do not recall all the details on how to set it up demographics, etc as weel as how to or where to set up the hoplink from clickbanks either

What do I do with clickfunnels??? I have no clue how to use them. some teaching on this will be highly apreciated…

Solo ads are fully explained in week one of your training :slight_smile:


When you use solo ads, you are paying someone who already has an email list established to send your email swipe to those people. In your email you would have inserted your affiliate link, and whomever the solo ads seller sends your email to, they open up the email and click your link that brings them to the sales offer of the clickbank offer you’re promoting. As of now, thats the way the teachings go. I assume they will teach us to have that link go to our own page first. I hope that helps.


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