Contact affiliate manager on Clickbank?

Clickbank is kind of BIG.

Is it still possible to contact an affiliate
manager on Clickbank?

Just want to check if what I’ll promote is hot enough.

Hi Stefan, I’d say just write to the support team to the vendor that you’re interested in, and ask some questions about number of sales, number of active affiliate etc, to get an idea on how hot the product is. Also, you have the Gravity of the products as indicative of the ‘hotness’ of it right now.

Hey Ilya,
I’ve got a couple of old Facebook pages that fit really well
with the Manifestation Magic affiliate program. It got over
200 gravity on Clickbank.

However, I find no contact info to their staff!?

It still looks promising, so I’m building a website
for that vertical.

Should be ready for campaign next week.