Completed Week 1, moving on to Week 2

Done Week 1 and will start Week 2 later today.

June Welford

Fantastic! Do you have access for week 2 already?

Yes, I do have access to Week 2 now. Am focusing on going through it at the moment. Learn what I need to know.

June Welford

Congratulations! Sounds like you are moving right along.

I finished the welcome and week one today. Will start the new week in the morning.


Thanks Vikk. Completed Week 2 today, but will go through again and I am going to create my website. A must do.

June Welford

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Yes and done Week 2.

June Welford

Hi, I am Ange. I am from Sydney …
I had completed all of Week 1 too. I paid for the full SAS but it says Week 2 - Invalid access. It’s been “locked” for 3 days. Just for those who feel frustrated like me with the waiting … Under Archived courses you can got more training…
But more importantly as John says Put into Action. So …

I started a thread called Peer Accountability under General Discussion so we can encourage and keep each other accountable. I’ve listed my goals for week one. Hope to see you there : Peer Accountability

Let’s encoruage and keep each other accountable because it is so easy to get lost and give up esp with see people who said they lost a lot in SoloAds without a single sale.

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Hi Ange, Thank you for your info. I am from Melbourne. I have the issue as your. Finished week1 2 days ago but can not access to week2. Don’ know what to do. I have asked John for help but no respond yet. I am frustrated to.after week1 I try 200 on solo ad but there are no sale. I don’t know should try more on solo ad or wait for week2 and do something different. Need help! Wishing you all the best of luck.

Hi @mtranlee Minh, @IlyaG suggested we take it easy with solo ads : Tried 1st Solo Ads Another threat he says he is looking for other vendors, Igor’'s one does not seem to be delivering results. I suggest have a read through the forum/community people share their experience. Then again some (who wanted me to pay for coaching) say don’t listen to those who are not performing … it is scaring me off or discouraging me.
But I think testing tells a lot. If others have tested and its not working. There may be reasons for it but
I am reading to see what others have tested and reported to have not work or have worked. Maybe those who got it working not returning to report success.
Btw @mtranlee, not that I have tried but perhaps submit a request tciket regarding your campaign. Show them your ad copy and the vendor you ordered form. See if they provide you any feedback on how you may improve.
So far I have not raised other kind of simple questions ticket as I have not got around to set up any campaign as yet. They usually take about 12-24 hours for a week day to respond cause of our time difference.
Btw, I shared my two cents on Solo Ads in Traffic For Me Solo Ads
Wishing you the best too @mtranlee.

I started last Tuesday. I went through and completed the first week that day. Today, I received an email that said week 2 was unlocked and i could go ahead.

John’s method is for us to go week by week. Not day by day and rush through the course. He gives us enough to focus on the week’s work. He believed in learning through action and experience. I concentrated on what were given in week one and checked out a variety of potential offers in Clickbank and drew up a potential list. I poked around in the community and found some interesting case studies. I listened to the weekly training on Wednesday. There’s a lot here. (@Ange, @mtranlee)

The first week we are exposed to various types of ads but aren’t expected to do Solo ads. The training contained in within the support and archived weekly lessons is vast. I spent the rest of the week checking everything out and through the support community got a real sense of the whole.

Week 2 is where we get the website and focus on each type of ad.

Anyway, that’s been my approach. Now I can proceed into week 2.


I have the same issue, since this is a weekly program depending on when you started the course, we will need to wait for week 2 to open, for me that would be at the end of the week. We can keep learning using the other courses archives and weekly calls, there is so much to learn here.

I hope this helps.

Yes i did the same finished week 1 on my first day spent 8 hrs on my pc lol. Now need to wait another week to unlock week 2. Meantime catching up on John’s other videos.