Community Guidelines & Rules

Please Read the SAS Community Guidelines & Rules

  • Search Before you Post! Search the forums or the Support Center Knowledge Base before you make a new post. Most questions have previously been answered.
  • No Whining. Whiny-sounding post titles, or posts, can and will be removed. Nobodys got time for whiners.
  • No Negativity. Some people may say negativity is fine, but I don’t need it in my life, and you probably dont either. You can post about a negative experience, without being negative. Theres a big difference.
  • No Victimizing Yourself. No-one on this forum is a victim. We all create our own success, ask questions, find our answers, learn, and move forward.
  • No Blaming Others. Everyone has problems. It took me 3 years to make my first sale. It probably wont take you that long, but if you’re frustrated because you didn’t make a sale in your first month, that doesn’t entitle you to blame others.
  • Introduce Yourself! Don’t be a stranger. We are all family here, trying to create an internet business. Get to know each other, and lets help each other create freedom! Introduce yourself over in the Introductions Category .

And most important… :handshake:

  • Help one another! If you know the answer to someone’s question, answer it!

Also, if you notice someone dis-obeying the rules of the forum, call them out (or use the flag :triangular_flag_on_post: feature to report the post)! Most of us go through life without anyone calling us out when our mindset is wrong, but it’s totally OK here. :slight_smile:

PHEW! I hope that keeps everyone in order. If there are any other suggested rules to this, let me know and I’ll consider adding them in.

My goal is that this forum helps connect everyone, questions get answered, and everybody moves forward together.