Coaching program, 1 on 1 mentoring

Hello again, I was wondering if anyone is taking the coaching program
with 1 on 1 mentoring. I’d like to hear how that is going and maybe share your feelings on it. I have my first session tonight. I’m a little nervous cuz its a lot of money to spend when you don’t have it.

Hello Ed,

I’m also curious. It looks like you have started your 1 on 1 coaching already. Can you advise as to how it is going? I’ve joined the program in early June 2019 and was wondering about the coaching to achieve faster results. How has your experience been?

Also interested un this topic

We have many students enrolled in this program, I hope some will find time to reply and describe their experience :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I enrolled for the 1-on-1 mentoring program over a month ago as I was desperate to see some results. Here I am, all this time later, still with no results, not even $1 earned. I do not recommend it at all.

It is a total of $4000 ($1500 downpayment and you’ll pay the rest of $2500 in $100 monthly installments).

They will redirect you towards selling on eBay, so it has nothing to do with what you’ve learned in SAS. It consists of 6 meetings, 30 minutes each, every week, over the phone or Skype, depending on the coach you get.

And sad to say they are not good coaches. I got two. I changed the first one, Steve, because he was replying to my e-mails only once a day, on business days only. During our phone calls he seemed annoyed by me asking questions, but I was asking those questions because he wasn’t answering them through my e-mails. The second one I got is Trevor. He does answer emails, however not giving valuable advice (nothing I have not seen or heard in the training videos).

eBay dropshipping is totally different than affiliate marketing, but I still learned how to do that, because my mentors advised me it is the fastest and surest way to make money. I did everything as they teach, yet still no results.

Now I am stuck paying $100 per month for mentoring and results I am not getting. It is the biggest mistake I ever made, nothing like they advertized.

Don’t do it!

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I am Sorry to hear this happened, murgocianamaria. Things have now changed for the better. They DO NOT use e-bay anymore. They use Successful Students that have learnt from John and Ilya .

Hi All,
Noel Schip from Surfers Paradise, Australia.

I joined SAS about 6 months ago and after completing the course I elected to try promoting John’s SAS Webinar via Youtube Videos, posting every day.

I also have a Blog where I post articles with links to the SAS Webinar.

After 1000 Videos and 115 Blog posts I have yet to score a winner. ( It takes time for SEO to kick in- up to 2 years). I’ll keep on posting and blogging- You have to be consistent and realize this, if you want $500 Commissions.

I also tried Facebook Ads, but after getting my 26th Ad Account Banned in 2 years, I decided to give Google Ads a whirl.

I had a few Clickbank Sales using products and landing pages from the Marketing Tech Panel.
Many thanks to John and Ilya for the weekly webinars. I have learnt so much about Clickbank and Google Ads

On the 3rd June I attended Ilya’s weekly webinar with Guest Presenter Daniel Dalmina.
Daniel’s presentation was about Clickbank products and Google Ads using the CPA Method.

His presentation absolutely resonated with me so I signed up for his 1 on 1 Coaching before the Webinar Ended.

My first 2 coaching sessions resulted in Daniel showing me some tricks that got me sales on 1 clickbank product which is bringing sales nearly every day.

On my 3rd coaching session we built a brand new campaign together and loaded up to clickbank. I am getting sales after only 2 days.

I am now waiting for further results so that the campaign can be OPTIMISED and SCALED.
Looking forward to coaching sessions 4 – 8

In Conclusion. I would like to thank Daniel sooo much, nothing is a bother to him, Emails are answered promptly and no task is too big.

Anybody that is sitting on the fence about 1 on 1 Coaching then my advice is to sign up with Daniel Dalmina right now.

You can contact him here: DANIEL DALMINA [email protected]

As someone who loves efficiency, I’ve felt the frustration of under achieving and losing. I’m not such a perfectionist that I expect I’ll get it spot on, but just like a drinker trying to find the balance between daily happy hour and being a drunk, I strive to get it right.