Clickfunnels monthly cost

Hello everybody. Jerry here and I sincerely hope everyone is crushing it right now. I have a question and I have no clue where to turn to as far as category etc. Anyway getting to the point, on the how to video on signing up for Clickfunnels the instructor said the regular cost after the 14 day trial was $97. I also noticed the date on the video was 2019, however, in my experience, the older the product became the cheaper it got to purchase? I put the question mark there because to be honest I’ve only noticed that trend a couple times but I’m hoping it’s a thing. I probably needed a question mark there too, lol. Please forgive me I’ve been writing a lot of blogs and articles the past couple weeks so my stronger personality traits are coming out, sense of humor yet seriousness. ok way off base here. When I signed up a couple days ago, the price was $197/month instead of the $97. So is there some sort of discount for John’s affiliate link to his class or subscribers because I also didn’t use the link from the program because I already had an account.

Hey there Jerry! I’m only into the course a few days, but reading ahead I noticed the same thing. I was a gonna wait til my first one-on-one meeting (scheduled for Wednesday) to ask my mentor, but if you’ve had a response , or better yet, an actual answer, I’ld be grateful to know what you’ve learned. it’s now early Tuesday morning for me, so if you don’t notice my post today, or don’t have the time to reply, I won’t hold it against ya Lol! Either way, good luck, and good fortune to you!

I was told by John that we don’t need clickfunnels cuz we have the adzilla site. However, I would double check with someone else only because our adzilla site is a one page site. I think. I’m, still waiting for the response to that question (the one page site). Support is usually very good at getting right back to you. I hope your journey here serves you well my friend. I’m struggling. Hey since we are already communicating, would you like to help each other out? I really need someone to keep me accountable, or at least keep me interested. I’m at a brick wall that I cant climb over. I don’t want to trouble you if you need your time to learn this. But think about it. thanks