ClickFunnels Link Added..But not by me...Facebook Ad Rejected again


If you can see above the phrase “KC7ZZN53.CLICKFUNNELS.COM” was placed under my ad but not by me. How do I get rid of it because Facebook is rejecting my ad.


Rob Matthews
Newbury Park, CA

@kc7zzn when creating an ad, under the website url, there is a build a url parameter. put your website url in there. John doesn’t mention this in the video, but I saw the same thing on my ad. But just fyi, I did change it and my ads are still being rejected. Hope this helps

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My Facebook ad is not approved either! Why is this happening?

@debkent I dont know why… but this is what John has written about the issue

My ad was getting blocked but I feel it has to do with Discrimination, I changed my settings to men and women and now its in review, and its been there for a few hours? So I hope it works

Did you accept the discrimination policy? @ProudDad76

I know this is an old post … but I don’t think the original problem was addressed. If you have a domain and you are “forwarding” it to clickfunnels, when you place the domain name, it will simply forward itself to the final domain, showing the spammy clickfunnels link.

The way around that is to simply DEFINE a subdomain at Bluehost and point it to; this way, your domain “legally” lands at clickfunnels with its own name,

Facebook ad approvals can often be a problem as well. Generally speaking, FB does not like to go directly to the landing page… those ads usually get disapproved. If you can put something in front… any bridge page will work… and it has a better chance of being approved. Also - they dislike ads that say things like “Build a 6 Figure Online Business”; instead, preffering wording like “Free Sales Training Inside”.

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in fb terms you cannot say make money or get rich or anything along those terms .FB has gotten tuff on the ads and will ban your ads manager and or your business manager .Ive been thru it so I have back up accounts just in case or you can appeal them and say your new and apologize and maybe re instate your account

Oh yes I think FB revised policy early 2019 or sometime 2018 about anything relating to job or income or real estate opportunity can not be limited to sex or age. For realestate even to income level or suburbs (where rich are). So may be with the SAS being an income opportunity it was against the policy.

@ProudDad76 Evan have you make this audience lookalike ad though based on the buyers list? May be that may be permitted without selecting sex etc.

@IlyaG your thoughts?