Clarifying week 1

So what you want us to do in the first week is sign up for clickbank, (which I did), select a product to promote, then run a solo ad directing traffic to that offer? That sounds great but don’t you need a website for that? which is covered in week 2, which seems sort of backwards but I could see you wanting us to get prepared so once we get that website up we’re good to go. Is that the jist of it or am I missing the mark?

I am new here and have not tried the solo ads yet, and I am still on week 1, but from what I understand you don’t need a website if you are doing solo ads. The person you are paying to do the solo ads will just send out your email to their own list, and since that email has your hoplink in it, anyone who clicks on it will be taken directly to Clickbank, where you will get commission if they make a purchase. This is a different process than using your own website. If you had a website you might advertise on Facebook or Google ads, for example, and people who click on a link in your ad would be directed to a landing page on your website, where they would see your sales info. (More advanced folks on here, please clarify if I am not understanding this correctly).


Hi @pjcanty1, I apologize for the slight confusion. We have recently shuffled up the course a little bit and added the Solo Ads info during the 1st week to add actionable content for our students. The solo ads used to be at the end and that is why there are some references to processes not yet done and the video seems more advanced, sorry about that, but don’t worry, it’ll become clear very soon. Also, with Solo ads, you really don’t need a website for it, all you need to provide the seller is your hoplink or affiliate link and if you also want to add and include some ad text, which you can use the swipes found on your resources.

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Hi @RBroyles. Awesome! You are actually on point!

Thank you for the replies. I’m very pleased that we have support here. I’m finding this community to be extremely supportive in the first week!

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