Charlie-B here, Greetings to one and all:

I am Charles Ballew a husband, a family man, an artist, and soon self-employed. I love comedy, D&D, and learning to weld.

Where are you from?
Currently living in Pahrump, Nevada. I grew up in California joined the military, and once out of the military, I lived in many states.

What do you currently do for a living?
I am unemployed and have disabilities that allow me to work hard for one day and be laid up for 3 days, so much fun yes?

What are your goals?
Life, career, and family are at a dead-end and maxed credit cards due to current issues across our nation. Like most of us, I would gather.
My family’s goal.
90 Days: Any additional cost of affiliate system being paid for by profits.
6 Months: Show a profit of $300-$500 a month.
9 Months: $250-$300 profit a week.
1 Year: $1K a month profit.

Lofty goals, perhaps. I’m new so, for now, the goals are achievable to me.

Once my wife and I have the 1-year goal achieved we will write our first relationship book.
Just a little story on how we got together and what made our journey transformational in finding true love.

Well, that’s me.

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