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Cannot load modules

Can someone help me. I cannot access the modules in the course. When I click on it, it does not load for me because it tells me the server stopped responding. Anyone else having this problem or what to do. I have already sent several tickets to support but no response yet



Hi Jason, Steve here. Yes. I am having the same problem. Pretty much for the past 12 plus hours I have not been able to connect to the course material. If it continues I think I am going to send in a support ticket to see what is happening. How are things on your end at this time?


Hi guys, I have just checked on my end and all the modules seem to be working fine. Have you tried to log out then log back in again?

U would also try to clear cache and cookies etc.

Also, try another browser like firefox or safari.

Hi Guys!

We apologize for the technical inconvenience.

The SAS member’s website was temporarily down during the weekends due to some errors that affected the website.

However, your may clear your browser’s cache and try accessing your SAS dashboard again.

It should be up and running now.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this.