Can we do this without FB?

I have never had a FB page ever…never wanted one or anything to do with FB…
can we be successful without ever using FB?
they declined my first ad anyway…followed every single step to the T from John’s videos and yet…ad was declined.

there has to be ways to make money without ever using FB


Yes you can do this without Facebook, it is just one of many advertising places. Google, YouTube, Bing, Instagram… any where you can get an online presence to advertise will work.

Does anyone know how others in this course are getting the ad approval from FB?..I followed every step to the “T”…from John and my ad was declined twice

Hi, I read from another member that they had the same issue and FB approved their ad after they made a few posts on the new fanpage and put in a page description.

thanks…I saw that as well…
I will just move onto another product for FB and see what happens

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Sometimes you need to tweek your ad a bit to get it accepted. Change the wording a bit of the ad copy. There are lots of tips here in the forum on changes to make to get them accepted. Remember bots review the ads before people do so sometimes it is just a bad bot day… :slight_smile:

I used Johns FB add swipe and got declined with in 30 minutes. I followed Johns advice to the letter. what can I do to get my FB add approved.

Hi - can you share some screenshots of your Ad setup and wording you used? You can send them to the support desk if you wish – [email protected] - If you are an Inner Circle member John can also take a look at it for you on the call. You just have to be ready ie, be at your computer and have your ad account up so John can share your screen.