Can not locate clickfunnels plugin

i have searched in wordrpress for a plugin without success . i need the plugin for " clickfunnels". i can find “fast clickfunnels” but not " clickfunnels. can someone help me out.

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I emailed ClickFunnel support about this and they advised me that Wordpress pulled the plugin with no ETA for its return. so it will not allow you to use that plugin.

OK, So what do I do ? In Module 2 video it teaches to use the plugin “clickfunnels” , do not use the plugin “FAST clickfunnels”. So do I use Fast clickfunnels,do I use a different plugin or no plugin at all?
Thanks for your help.

It took me a little bit to find out how to do this but there is a youtube video that i was able to follow along and figure it out. You should have downloaded the zip file from one of the modules. When you open up word press and click on Plugin, add new, towards the top you can see where it says Add plugin “upload plugin” click that and then it says choose file… thats where you are able to upload that zip file. After that follow the module the rest of the way and boom up and running!!!


I am having the same difficulty. I see the module that has the Wordpress checklist has a zip file however when I try to download the zip file into the wordpress it tells me that I’m not authorized! Even when I open up the zip file and drag and drop the files into the plugin it doesn’t work. Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 11.41.46 PM|690x407

Nevermind. I was able to upload the zip once I went into incognito window!! Yay

what zip file? and in what module was it downloaded? a little confused over here

Clickfunnel pugin not working on Module 2. I found this on ClickFunnels help center

Where did you find the zip file?

If anyone is still looking for a resolution, I found the following. I have emailed support and am waiting to hear back.

I am having the same problem. Did you find a solution?