Can I use different Hosting for SAS?

Hi there, I’ve already got an account with FatCow hosting. Am I able to use my FatCow account for SAS instead of BlueHost?

@Phoenix743, As long as you have Wordpress installed you should be fine, I use SiteGround for my hosting and I have done the manual presell page installation.


Thanks for your reply Fitzroy. I didn’t think it would be an issue. Like you said,as long as I can get Wordpress installed and get the presell page up. Cheers.

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You are welcome Shannon. The manual presell setup is quite easy to do so you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

The choice of hosting provider is entirely up to you, John just suggests Bluehost as it’s the one the training videos features.

The manual presell pages set up in pretty generic and easy to follow :slight_smile:

Thank you Sabrina. Very helpful.

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I think John gets a commission for everyone of us that sign up to bluehost through him.