Can I promote more than one category of products on one Website domain


I know this is related to week 2 Modules in building your website, but have been wondering something.

Does your domain have to be promoting products only that fall under you “niche” or that category of what your promoting. Could a domain name be so that it could include both for example health products and bizzopp. Or would I have to create two domains.

Any suggestions or knowledge on this. Appreciated <3


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Hi Kara, I have the same question. I have completed week one and am desperate to start week 2 as I feel loads of things are up in the air on how to progress, without a www. I don’t want to spend more money on solo ads to make money at this stage, I want to implement what I learned in week 1, but feel stuck in limbo as to what DO THE WORK actually means?

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I am in exactly the same situation but is there a follow up to this

my suggestion is get 1 domain working really well. Don’t complicate things. There’s lots to figure out just with 1 website.

When you have the ONE domain working WELL and selling, repeat process for the 2nd domain. 2nd Domain should be easier later.