Can I copy a lander entirely, without getting issues?

Hi! Just created a lander in CSS and HTML that is exactly like the lander in a ClickBank offer (Brain Training For Dogs).

Here it is:

I also copied a lander of another affiliate marketer who runs this offer on Google ads:

How should I best proceed (to make money without getting issues)?
For example, should I
(a) keep the landers the way they are and run them as I please, anywhere.
(b) slightly tweak the landers to not get copyright issues
© run the landers in countries where the “competitors” don’t do any ads?
(d) something else?

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Hi @stelars, it’s always best to know the product you are promoting and understand your target. Best to advertise this product through paid advertising networks such as Google, Facebook, and the like where you can easily optimize and scale your ad. And always run your ad on countries with high buying power. If competitors don’t run ads to those countries, it only means that it’s not profitable. I highly recommend watching the replay of the live webinar here, specifically the SAS live marathon episode to help you out on this matter.

Ops, here are the copied landers;
For ClickBank’s “Brain Training for Dogs”

(Might give you a follow-along with this one, because I believe it will take off soon.)