Brain training for dogs follow along (admin please answer questions)

Hi Everyone!

Here we go… first try at a campaign.

I’m running a google ads campaign for brain training for dogs. It’s a google search campaign.
When I started 2 weeks ago, I hadn’t adjusted the device settings, so it was running almost entirely on mobile. I assume that might be a reason I didn’t get any conversions during that time. After some delay the system eventually adjusted itself to my settings, and now it’s running on computers only for the last few days.

My ads have a ctr of around 8%, which I understood is good.
For the last few days, I have 40 hops for 263 clicks =15%
order form impressions is 4 for 40 hops. 10%.
0 sales

This product costs 37 dollars. Should I disregard the data I collected while the ad was running on mobile.
Is it a bad idea to use the terms “low cost” and “affordable” for this ad’s headline and description? (maybe it will attract people that are less willing to pay)

This product has been on clickbank since 2016. They just created a new promo page for 2022 and I asked them if I could get a hoplink for it, but they haven’t responded. The link I have currently refers to the older page, which has some major differences. Also, the gravity has gone down this last year from 200 to 100. Should I ditch this product and choose something else? Are people successfully selling it right now? Are there too many SAS people trying to sell it at the same time?

I’m currently spending about 15 dollars a day for the ads. That means I would need at least one sale per two days just to break even.