Bing Ads Intelligence is a MUST

If you’re on the bing network,

You have to use this Microsoft Office Plugin, to do Keyword Data Reverse Engineering the RIGHT WAY:

I tested on the web version keyword’s research, the traffic data is completely wrong, In fact it was so bad that even by using an [Exact match type], It was in reality a phrase match on the Search terms reports.

But after using the Bing Ads Intelligence, now it does what is supposed to do.

Otherwise your campaign starts to get mixed variables, and you can’t do cause/effect effectively with Voluum.

My mission is to create a REFINED profits machine by a systemized strategy.

Not to rely in any luck, “home-run” or random events.

Hope that helps


That is awesome! I love this post, really good information

The way I used to, and STILL build my keyword ad groups on both google and bing is

SIMPLE grouping of one keyword in exact/phrase/modified broad.

If anyone wants to see more information on my search strategy, I have a free course on Youtube here, , make sure you subscribe! I come out with daily videos now



Hahaha only three???

Well the only way to KNOW that system… is to test it.

I will duplicate the exact same AD Angle copy, same Presell version, same offer, same country, same daily budget…

Using your strategy.

But it has to be statistically valid, it must has to hit max frontend cpa of the offer - multiplied by the 50 estates to conclude if it’s better or not.

I have one big doubt about SEM…

Should I care about quality score?

Because for example if I have a 1/10 quality score, but Im super profitable…

Does it mean that I can make even more profits? or maybe I can destroy the whole profitable campaign for trying to fix that quality score thing?

I’m not sure what to do here…


Never kill a profitable campaign! Just duplicate it or replicate it a few times and tinker on those.