Belgian looking for a breakthrough

I got to know multi level marketing in 1996 while I lived in El Salvador and a neighbour showed me “the plan” of the Amway business opportunity.
In 2001 I discovered online business. It was the start of a long learning process.
Currently I am still a rat race participant, working full time as an Analyst Programmer.

I am a Belgian citizen, born near Brussels in 1966.
In 1995 I met a Salvadoran woman in a yoga class in Brussels.
We moved together to El Salvador in July 1996 and married there a week later.
We are now blessed with 3 daughters and a son, all born in El Salvador.
My family and I moved back to Belgium in May 2010.

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Hi Bart @bart4jesus, great to meet you! WELCOME to the SAS PRO.
This is just a little check-up on you…how is it going with the SAS PRO training?!

Here is a short reminder for you - make sure to embrace all these points in your daily work with the course modules:

Work hard and invest your honest and true dedication - success will only be a matter of time!
Best of luck and we are all looking forward to hear from you :sunglasses:

PS: Thanks for uploading a profile picture!

Hi Bastian, where can I get more info on the Free Super Affiliate website? Does that mean a free domain name?