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Banned from Facebook

My Facebook account got deactivated today by FB. They claimed that I had violated their policies. I was only running two campaigns - one was Jetset (one of JC’s clickfunnels landers) and the other was a skincare product. I had very carefully read all the policy guidelines and researched what I could / couldn’t do but must have overstepped the policy guideline somewhere along the line. I’m appealing the decision but hold little hope of a reversal of the decision. So, back to square one!

Which niches are safe to advertise on FB? Would like to hear from any Jetset people who are having success on FB.

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Hey Tim,

I’m in the same boat. Just wanted to see if you had any success with your appeal?

In the Resources section of the SAS Membership site you have the legal letter which you can download and send to Facebook when appealing. This can help with getting things back up and running with Facebook.

Hello Assassin,

I had a lot of back and forwards with Facebook about my account being closed down. I was running a Skincare and Biz Opp campaign on my Business account. I did appeal but got rejected again. I am still unclear as to which product caused the account to be closed down - even though I did ask Facebook for guidance.

It seems to me that Facebook will ban some Biz Opp products like the Jetset programme as they are classified as ‘get rich quick schemes’ (I wish!!) even though John is clear to position the programme as educational. We are at the mercy of the Facebook algorithm if we are promoting this product.

Suffice to say I took two weeks off to feel sorry for myself and create a new Facebook account (new email address etc) and am slowly building up the campaign now.

I got banned right before summer and big work project as well from promoting the example training corse program. I even sent the letters got unbanned then immediately rebanned and permanent I’ll try remaining of this course now but got very demoralized for the few months.

Hi Terry
I can’t find this legal letter
Can you please show me where? Thank You

Hey Guys,

what to you mean banned?

Do you mean only 1 of your 5 accounts were disabled or ALL your accounts were disabled?

What did you do to fix this problem wchaelith Facebook, any progress?