Audience size estimate is low

using the new guide for first youtube ad. not pressed go yet as I cannot get an audience size of any note. 1-6k to 3.5K views and 4.7K - 9k impressions.
I cannot compare this to Johns video as he set a campaign amount without an end date so estimated performance does not show. Done a few ads before and would expect far higher estimates.

Hi Phil,

I’ve replied to your ticket :slight_smile:

Google recently changed their policy regarding the ability to upload customer lists. There is now a requirement to have an ad spend of $50k and other criteria before you’re able to use customer lists. So, we have an alternative, that will help you reach the require audience size.

You’ll want to target the following In-Market Audiences for YouTube traffic.

Business Services > Advertising & Marketing Services > SEO & SEM Services
Business Services > Business Technology > Web Services Domain Registration
Business Services > Payment Processing & Merchant Services

These categories work extremely well, and are super tried-and-true.

This should get you to the correct audience size. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

got that. just looking for a heads up on expected audience size. i got a very small audience number and wondered what you or anyone else reading thisd got when they used it.