Are we supposed to be using Adzilla domain or BlueHost domain?

I am confused as to what domain we should be using since we started with BlueHost and then created one in Adzilla. Can someone explain to me the difference?
Thank you

Did anyone answer your question? I have the same inquiry. Actually, there does not seem to be much on Adzilla and I have other questions about module 2 as well. I’m not finding any support for the SAS Pro program which is a shame. Love to know if you got help. Kit

I am also looking for answers to mod 2! my coach told me to set up a new presale page and send to him before our next call and I do not see anywhere in the adzilla training how to set up a presale page

can someone help please?

Hello ms.emurphy,

I just finished Module 2. I went through everything first. I was also confused about the ADZilla video. Having that video in Module 2 was not “congruent” with the prior information. No “presell” information about why that video was there. I thought that was kind of funny. Anyway, I would stick with Clickfunnels and Blue Host. There are more knowledgeable information and videos to support you (On Youtube). It looks like ADZilla is still in its early stages.

Omgoodness I think you are the one and only that has responded to any of my questions…thank you!!

my coach told me to stay with adzilla so i have to but let’s stay in touch…i would love to know how it’s going!!

thanks again

Hi I am new here. I was wondering the same thing. Do we ignore the Bluehost print out and create just the Adzilla domain? And why does the presale pages not show up assuming it takes no more than 2 hours according to Ilya?

yea i’m still really confused and my coach hasn’t responded to me for 5 days…he had left some info for me in our zo chat that i cannot access and need to proceed…

any of you available after 12:00am central time? I am working until then m-f but i could really use the help and i turn help you if i can;)

Erin Murphy

and to top it off…i have been waiting for the webinar to start for today and again no one is there!! this is the 3rd time i have carved out time to be at the webinars and there is no one there;(