April 26 Coaching Call Questions

Hey everyone! If you have any burning questions to be addressed in the upcoming Coaching Call, please post them here. I will be on from 3PM till 4PM PST to answer questions primarily about Facebook Ads & Google Ads. We will drill down a bit on ad approval process and how to handle disapprovals.


I have 2 windows open when listening to John;s courses. So as he goes thru the info - I’m doing it in another window.

When I created my BlueHost - And It come to setting up the wordpress…I click on the link (the same link he clicks in his bluehost video) and up comes page error 404. I can’t get past blue host setting up the word press. I’ve done this 3 times!!! So when I go to do click funnel (ready to set up my presell page and sent it to BlueHost - I am not sure if my BluehHost word press is set up. This really pisses me off. It stops me cold from going forward. This is the kind of stuff I don’t need - and I have a bad feeling this is the way it’s going to be all the way through this course.

I don’t even see a ‘send’ button to send this question??? All I see is another reply button. This is a very user unfriendly system.

Hey @phalgm

If it helps, I’d love to give you a walkthrough on getting your page set up in Skype?

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Hello Andy, I have a question related to the facebook ad targeting for week 1. I’m a bit confused here. I see a lot of comments referring to creating a lookalike audience from the buyer data and targeting engaged shoppers in Facebook but I didn’t see any of that in week 1 of the course. We just created a new audience with specific targeting that John mentioned but engaged shoppers and buyer data is not mentioned so I’m wondering if I am supposed to read between the lines from the forum posts or if that step and targeting has been taken out on purpose or if that comes in later in the training? Please clarify on the call. I may not be able to make it live but I will definitely watch the replay. Thank you.

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Hi! I have som trouble getting approved in FB. The reason is discrimination of sex and gender. Do you have any information that they do not necessarily approve men only filter? I have now set both gender to test if it makes a difference. Awaiting approval on that.

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My funnel is up and running, and ready for traffic. I did lost my facebook ads account while back, and with all attempts to get it back though their support. I was told that it will never happen. So, I guess any suggestion would be great. I didn’t go through google ads yet in the course, so don’t really have questions there. I am considering Bing ads, although I didn’t really had any success with it in the past, but your thoughts on Bing ads would be great.


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Hi @Danik

If your FB account was closed and it can’t be reinstated, try creating a new account.

Bing ads is a great platform to use. It’s not as popular as FB or Google but it’s a great, more affordable option :slight_smile:

There is a coupon for Bing in the ads coupon section


Hi @haking

Facebook recently released a NON DISCRIMINATION POLICY, in which they disapprove Ad Sets that only have 1 gender on it.

I recommend choosing “All Genders” in your ad campaigns, as you have. Fingers crossed for an approval! :slight_smile:

Hey @neiroblack! Correct, those things (i.e. lookalike audiences) are not part of Week 1. I believe that’s Week 4 and/or 5.