Approved (limited): misrepresentation - Google Display Ad

I set up a Google display ad a couple days ago and this morning I saw “Approved (limited): misrepresentation” next to it. Is this something that anyone else has experienced?

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Hi @davide_belluzzi… I have not heard of that status before. Have you tried calling Google to get more info and see how this may impact your ad? I would start there. If you need help getting in touch with Google Ads just let me know!

I will have a chat with Google support

Awesome, please update us when you do!

HI, I had this problem with the display ad also.
Google support told me there was a redirect in the terms, privacy, etc, links at the bottom of the landing page, which direct to clickbank policies. They recommended i have these directed to my own pages. I havent done anything about this yet. :slight_smile: Working on it though.


Are you planning on generating your own privacy pages and such?