Anyone having difficulties navigating

Hello All,

I am having difficulties with the following:

  1. Signing up on the SAS Panel (access presell pages…) going on 2 weeks now, still could not setup my site presell page.
  2. Signing onto the webinar.
  3. Server speed (very slow server loading up)
  4. Do you feel instructions are sufficient moving from task to task.
  5. Slow response from support!

Please reply if you are having any or similar to my problems mentioned above!


Gee I am surprised to read about your problems as support has been very responsive. As goes basic instructions, the changing interfaces of Google and such can be a challenge so I agree that might be a problem at times.

As goes webinar sign in or getting the SAS panel, for sure that went well for me - you see the process on I think Module 2. Take care, like anything worthwhile I will agree this is not easy, but stick with it, that is what separates the winners and there are many in affiliate marketing.

Take care