Anyone Have Experience with Affiliate Network?

I found a product that looks better than a product on CB. They have an affiliate program through

Just want to get input/opinions on that network.


Hi Sean, I can’t comment on 1shoppingcart specifically, however to my understanding it’s an all-in-one platform, dedicated to E-Commerce mostly, and having some support for affiliate programs and related tools. Mostly, those sites that pertain to do everything, don’t actually do it well. But it is a well known and widely used site, so if you’re thinking just to sign up for THIS specific program, I don’t think there’s harm to be done.

If you are in the MMO niche… then this product is right up your alley. I’m no coach and by no means an expert… but if you would like an opinion… here goes.

The platform looks a lot like it is just a TOOL. Tools will only sell well to people that know how to use it. So, if you want to focus on that tool, you have to create content around educating your prospects on how that particular TOOL will solve their problems better than say, clickfunnels, builderall, online sales pro, shopify etc.

The people that make the most money from Clickfunnels, for instance, don’t really promote it at all. What they do is they create a super profitable funnel, and give it away for free. Now if you want to USE that funnel… guess what? You gotta get clickfunnels… and when they join from your link - you get the sales commission.

Its a WIN/WIN because the user now gets a practical use for the TOOL and as long as he makes money, he wont cancel, and you make a recurring commission each month. So, if you want to promote this tool, you need to come up with a similar strategy.


Thank you all. I appreciate your input. Just to clarify, I was concerned about how effective 1 Shopping cart was, not to sell 1 Shopping cart. I am worried about tracking, etc. I have an product that I am looking at selling that uses them for their affiliate program.

Oh, yeah … no experience with it, sorry.

As a rule of thumb though… and some may disagree with me … most platforms work. The thing is … if the product you sell that USES the tool is REALLY good, you get the opportunity to collect on the product AND the tool.

However, in my opinion, its a harder sell, especially in the MMO market where we all probably have some kind of page builder. For instance, I’m already committed to clickfunnels. It would be extremely difficult for me to switch to anything… and they try. Everyone from OSP to MLSP to LeadPages to PowerLeadSystem to TheConversionPros - its a very competitive market.

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