Any success story with manual method? any sale?

Hi colleagues,

I wonder if anyone getting success with making a sale via manual method of week 2? or SOLO ads?
you don’t have to share the product you are promoting if you are not comfortable with. but I just would like to hear anyone is being successful or not?


Hello Saleh, welcomeee!

I just wanted to say here, that my very first sale came through the manual method (I promoted about 5 different products which I coded the pages for, looong tedious work, compared to the ease of Clickfunnels etc today!), therefore this method can be successful indeed! The method itself that you use to get your site up, isn’t really important. What’s important is your product, your page and (80%) your advertising methods.


Hello Ilya,
thanks for your clarification. but what do you mean by “looong tedious work” do you mean those steps that John showed in his videos or there are more into that which we are still didn’t learn?