Anesh from India, New Member

Hi, I am Anesh from India. So long I was in a 9-5 work and now shifting to have my own business in the digital realm for my personal wellbeing as well as to help as many people as I can.
I hope to launch out as quickly as possible, hoping to get my first sales.

Wishing everyone else the very best. looking forward to work together, share as well as learn.

Anesh, welcome!

All of us are here for pretty the same reason - build our lives and help others! I wish you a lot of success and fun on this journey! :wave:

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thank you so much

Hello and welcome, Anesh @adsundar :v:

I am very happy to read about your plans of shifting to have your own business - what better motivation could you have than aiming for your personal well-being as well as to be able to help others. These are very honest and selfless ambitions. The whole SAS team wishes you best of luck for this new journey! May we soon see you success in what you do!
Anesh, before you start with the course (in case you haven started yet) I’d like to give you a few advices:
You will soon realize what a valuable source of knowledge and support this community right here can be for you. In order to receive the best benefit out of it, I suggest you get connected with the other students and engage yourself in discussions. Create your own threads and help others as often as you can. Also do not feel shy to post your own questions, but before you do, please make sure the question hasn’t already been addressed in any previous threads. Also check our knowledgebase, as you will find here highly valuable instructions to many topics.

While you go along with the course you also shouldn’t miss to join our weekly live webinars with my colleague Ilya. In addition you have the chance to watch all of the previous sessions as a replay video. So dive right in :sunglasses:
Alright man, so again - Welcome to the course! Always stay committed and hungry