reviews required in exchange for Free products

Dear community members,

I hope that this is the right place for me to humbly ask for help with my failing business - if this is not then I apologize.
I am based in London, UK but apart from members of this community I do not know anyone based in America, where the business is. My wife and I have a small Amazon business selling premium health and beauty products in the USA, but we are struggling to get reviews for our products ever since Amazon changed their TOS stating that we cannot receive reviews in exchange for discounted products.

If you are based in the US and are willing to help, I will pay you the purchase price of the product, which is around $20, by paypal once you have left the positive review.

If you are willing to help a fellow community member, then please let me know. To view the products that need the review just enter ‘Aura Naturel’ into
I you would prefer to DM me on Facebook, then you can reach me here:

Thank you ever so much for taking time to read this and if there is any way I can help you then please let me know.

Best Wishes


Have you thought about putting a post on FB marketplace?

H Sabrina,
Incentivising a review is against Amazon’s terms of service so I cannot ask publically.
Perhaps you or maybe someone you know may be able to help - perhaps Sara Nightingale?


I meant post an ad on Marketplace on FB to offer your product. State what it is and that the funds will be reimbursed via paypal.

I recently did a few products this way for a water bottle company. It works :slight_smile:

I’d help, but I’m UK based too.

Hi Sabrina,

Where did you ask for the review - was it via FB messenger?
Did you mention in the Ad that you will reimburse the funds once they write a review?
If you are based in the UK perhaps we could speak over the phone instead - my number is 07886 897042.

I saw the ad posted on FB Marketplace. The ad was titled “customer giveaway for a review of our products” or something like that.

Then when they DM you, you provide the details.