All the Way from California!

Hello future millionaires! I just joined a few days ago and I’m so excited! I’m from California and I’m currently a teacher. My goal is to walk away from my job and make 10,000/mon. consistently.


Welcome to SAS and the forum, 2019dl2019!

10,000.00 a month is a nice goal! I’m looking for $5,000.00 a moth myself.

As a teacher, you’ll probably be a good learner also.

Good luck with the course and your goals! :grinning:


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Nice goals, @2019dl2019! Welcome to the community, with time I hope you’ll find the system helps get you closer to your dreams. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us along the way, your feedback is really helpful as we develop more courses and training webinars. Speaking of training calls, we do have three this week- be sure to check them out and join in if you can!

Thank you for the information!

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