Adzilla Not connecting presell page to sales page

Hi All, Anyone got advice of how I can resolve this problem please . its been going on for 2 weeks and stopping me from doing my solo ads :frowning_face:

I embed the hoplink into the call to action button the SAS Pro presell page but the 2 don’t connect, I keep getting this error message.
I have checked with Clickbank and they have confirmed that my CB account and hoplinks are all active and there should not be a problem

This is the error message;
"Something went wrong
Click continue to go directly to the product website.

The link you clicked was created by a ClickBank affiliate that is not currently active."

If I start promoting my customers will follow on screen instructions and go directly to the product website with no commission for me.

I have flagged it up with Support but not getting any feedback to fix it.
Any ideas please? All ideas gratefully received

UPDATE - I have discovered the solution!!
If you have had this problem with Adzilla SAS Presell page not connecting to the sales page - read on!

After having lost 2 weeks of being unable to start Solo Ads because of this problem I have racked my brains and gone over videos in the modules to try and see a solution. Then I thought what if its not Adzilla but just the SAS Presell page which was preloaded some time ago.

So I re-watched the video Show Me How to Join In House Hosting Platform Adzilla to help me load a fresh version of the SAS Survey page and BOOM - the new copy is working with my ClickBank affiliate link already loaded into the Send Me The Online Training button.

I am not a natural with anything techy but I am determined :grin: :grin: :dizzy:

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Hi. I watched the video again but did not see how to load a fresh version of the SAS Survey page. Could you provide details on how you accomplished this please?

On my AdZilla account, it shows the SAS Survey page was published December 2022.

Ok. So, I duplicated the SAS Survey landing page in AdZilla and now it works. :slight_smile:

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Well done , glad you solved it :clap:
Fir anyone else who might have the same thing going on I’m prettty sure I used Llya’s video on loading new pages and followed it to lead a new Presell page by clicking on new page, adzilla builder, templates, then selected the one I needed from all the choices.

It definitly works as my first ever solo ad on Udimi today hasn’t got any sales yet but it has clocked up 124 hops :smiley: